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Welcome to a new dimension of personal care. GROHE Sensia Arena

Experience a new standard of personal hygiene, more comfortable, hygienic and soothing than using paper. GROHE Sensia Arena stands for Intelligent Care: Enjoy innovative functions that are tailored to your personal needs.

It’s that simple: how the shower toilet works

Discover the new clean

GROHE Sensia Arena, the ultimate in hygiene, perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Every single detail of this innovative shower toilet has been carefully thought through to offer you a special level of hygiene at all times.


The Sensia Arena has two separate shower arms for ultimative hygiene. The lady shower, a spray arm with different spray angle and a softer and wider spray pattern for cleaning the female intimate area. The rear spray, a dedicated shower arm for precise cleaning of the rear area for a perfect powerful cleaning experience. You can be certain that both are perfectly hygienic and positioned perfectly to suit your needs.


That’s the clean that comes from advanced AquaCeramic technology, germ-resistant HyperClean coating, self-cleaning spray arms and our latest feature: the PlasmaCluster Ion technology.


As opposed to normal toilets, the innovative Triple Vortex System from GROHE produces three times the flushing power, which swirls over the complete ceramic surface and cleanses it thoroughly. So thoroughly that after the first flush, there is no remaining residue. Despite its great power, this highly effective flush requires very little water.

Perfekt Skin Care

Perfekt Skin Care

  • Cleansing with water at a pleasant temperature.
  • Continuous warm water, for as long as you want.
  • Separate spray nozzles for Lady and Standard jets.
Discover Perfect Skin Care
Ultimate Hygiene

Ultimate Hygiene

  • Long-lasting germ-resistant coating
  • Self-cleaning spray arms
  • Clean and dry without wiping
Discover Ultimate Hygiene
Personal Comfort

Personal Comfort

  • A toilet that absorbs odours
  • Smartphone app for simple operation
  • Automatic seat open & close
  • Personalised user settings
Discover Personal Comfort



Sensia® Arena
Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung

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What is a shower toilet?

Also known as a Japanese toilet, a shower toilet combines the advantages of a WC and a bidet. A shower toilet uses a spray arm to clean with gentle water after using the toilet. The GROHE Sensia Arena employs two separate, adjustable spray arms to leave you feeling cleaner and more cared for than ever before.

Why choose a GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet?

The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet harnesses decades of technical excellence from our parent company LIXIL, experts in shower toilets in Japan. You can adjust the two spray arms for pressure, position and water temperature, giving you a perfectly tailored, comfortable experience – there are even oscillating and massage spray options. The integrated dryer will further contribute to the experience of ultimate hygiene. You can operate it with a remote control or smartphone app that remembers your preference. Advanced ceramic finishes that are anti-stick, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial (eradicating 99.9% of germs) guarantee utmost hygiene standards for total peace of mind. Plus details on the GROHE Sensia Arena, like automatic lid opening, odour absorption and a sensor-activated nightlight, make it your most hygienic and comfortable WC experience ever. Thanks to its innovative design and features, the GROHE Sensia Arena has received 14 design awards to date, including a 2017 Plus X Award, iF Design Award and a Good Green Design Award, making it the most awarded GROHE product ever.

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