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Many of GROHE's products are certified and have declarations which mean that they can support sustainability in your construction projects and thereby support various environmental certifications.

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An EPD is a comprehensive, independently controlled and registered "product passport". It reports comparable, transparent data on the entire environmental life-cycle impact of a product. EPDs comply with ISO 14025 and, for construction products, services and processes, with EN 15804. A life cycle assessment (LCA) is at the heart of an EPD. Here all phases of a product are taken into account: from raw material extraction through production and the product's use to disposal, including for the individual phases; the impact of transport routes.

GROHE has launched EPDs for many products in the range, with more on the way.

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KIWA Energy Certificate

This energy labeling of mixers is recognized by many Nordic real estate developers and construction companies as a criterion for selection. This certificate is essential for obtaining the 'Swan Label' certification for buildings. The Swan Label is widely recognized and valued by tenants, event organizers, property buyers and hotel guests.

Based on Swedish test standards (SS 820000, SS 820001),

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