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GROHE Water & Energy Audit

GROHE Water & Energy Audit could save you 43% on your annual hotel utility bills

Save water. Save Energy. Save money.
Ensuring an enjoyable luxurious stay for hotel guests is the managements’ top priority but as water and energy prices rise GROHE is now offering a complimentary new service to help. The GROHE Water & Energy Audit is guaranteed to save the hotel business money by conserving resources without compromising the comfort of your guests

Go Green. Go Safe. Go GROHE

How it works
In just a few hours one of our trained GROHE consultants can assess your hotel by carrying out the unique GROHE Water & Energy Audit. This will uncover the true operating costs of your current bathroom fittings. It will also outline the potential savings that can be made by switching to more environmentally friendly fittings for showers, basins and WCs. The audit is risk-free and comes with absolutely no obligation.

We can prove it works
By calculating savings in kilowatt-hours and using meters to monitor water consumption before and after the installation, we can prove to you the immediate and significant return on investment. In addition to cost savings, the GROHE report will also offer valuable advice on a range of health and safety issues from avoiding the risk of Legionnaire’s disease to protection against scalding.

Going Green saves more than just money
The benefits of installing GROHE products, which are designed to be highly efficient without compromising on performance, are not just cost savings.

  • Boost customer satisfaction - hotel guests, who increasingly expect a luxurious bathroom, will have a more enjoyable and satisfying stay, boosting loyalty and occupancy.
  • Increase staff satisfaction - GROHE products are so durable the daily lives of your maintenance teams and housekeeping staff will be vastly improved.
  • Enhance your reputation – by creating a more sustainable building you can achieve regulatory compliance and improve your standing as a green hotel.

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GROHE Case Study

GROHE has launched the Hotel Water & Energy Audit with impressive results. Working in partnership with several major hotel brands across the world we are beating the spiralling costs of water and energy whilst aligning with a responsible business strategy.

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The Setai Fifth Avenue, New York