It’s easy to think it could never happen to you – but water leaks or floods actually affect more than half of homes at some time. And when a flood hits, the effects can be devastating and disruptive.

Where can water leaks occur?

Water leaks in the home have a number of common sources. It can be something as simple as a blocked sink or a problem with your dishwasher or washing machine. In the colder months, frost causing pipes to burst is a major risk of flooding and water damage in homes. A water leak doesn’t even have to start in your home to cause damage – an issue with a neighbour’s roof or a leak in the flat upstairs can bring flooding and water damage to your home.

What does water damage cost?

A leak, a blocked sink, a burst pipe and suddenly you are confronted with a ruined home and costs that can run into the thousands. Not to mention the stress and hassle of dealing with water damage. A serious water leak will ruin not just your possessions and furniture but also your carpets and walls.

The longer a water leak continues the heavier the level of water damage you will have to deal with – you may need to hire pumps and dehumidifiers to dry out a home affected by flooding, before recarpeting, replastering and redecorating can be done. Add to this the possibility of having to move out of your home while the clean-up happens and you can see that water damage is a serious issue – and one well worth protecting yourself against.

You might think it cannot happen to you?

But the fact is that every second home has experienced water damage at least once. That’s why it is wise to take pre-emptive action against water leaks with a smart home system that keeps you updated and protected against the worst.


Any time, anywhere. Water leaks can occur anywhere in the home – and at any time.

Swift action against water damage. When water damage occurs, half the time the walls are also affected and mould develops rapidly. Given that mould builds up within just 24 hours, there is an urgent need to respond immediately to any water leaks in the home.

Watch out for the pipes. 65% of water damage is due to burst or leaking pipes, meaning you may not know about the risk of a water leak until it is too late.

The drip that brings the house down. Small water leaks – from pipes, toilets or showers - cause 28% of water damage. Because they are hidden, these water leaks can go on for months or even years unnoticed, completely saturating walls or floors over time and causing extensive water damage.

Frost risk. The frozen pipe can occur during extended periods of frost, especially in rooms or houses that are unheated and not often visited or checked. A burst pipe is the most common cause of flooding in the home, and can lead to serious water damage very quickly.


54% of households have experienced mains-related water damage in their homes. (1)

65% of all cases are related to pipes. (2)

Water damage could have been prevented in 93% of cases.(3)

In Europe, the average cost of repairing water damage is €2,297. 28% of those who are insured are not even reimbursed at all. And those who are only get 61% of the total cost reimbursed. (1)

In 2015 in Germany alone, there were 1.1 million causes of reported water damage to private homes. (4) 

After just 24 hours mould can start to build up due to humidity: causing respiratory problems, asthma and allergies.(5)

41 % of burst pipes are not recognized immediately, causing high volume of water outflow and water loss. (2)

61% of small leaks or cracks in pipes are detected after 1 week or later. (2)

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It’s easy to think it could never happen to you – but water leaks or floods actually affect more than half of homes at some time. And when a flood hits, the effects can be devastating and disruptive.

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