Exposed Showers

Exposed showers from GROHE let you turn your plans into reality more easily than you would believe possible. From planning to enjoying can be such a simple step.

GROHE thermostats with TurboStat technology lie at the heart of all our shower sets. It provides the correct shower temperature in a fraction of a second and keeps it constant – ensuring luxurious showering at a perfectly controlled temperature. GROHE thermostatic shower mixers come equipped with a SafeStop button set at 38° to prevent children from accidentally turning up the temperature. The ergonomic handles offer a good grip at all times, even with wet or soapy hands. Switching between hand or head shower is simplicity itself with the Aquadimmer or SmartControl.

If you are planning a new bathroom or a renovation, GROHE SmartControl Exposed is an ideal solution. The wall mounted GROHE Rainshower SmartControl shower system makes fitting a simple matter – but the result is all the more stunning.

Available in two different versions, DUO with three SmartControl buttons, two head shower jets plus hand shower and MONO with two SmartControl buttons, a one-spray head shower and hand shower, the design of the GROHE SmartControl Exposed includes an integrated shelf that offers space for shampoo and shower gel. The many features of GROHE SmartControl – from the intuitive use of the SmartControl buttons, perfect volume and temperature control to a choice of finish for the shower heads - guarantee more pleasure under the shower.

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Our Rainshower 360 head showers give you the choice of different spray types: from the wonderfully refreshing GROHE PureRain spray to the revitalising Bokoma spray and the Massage sprays.

Designed to make a statement in your bathroom, GROHE SmartControl Exposed combines intuitive control with the ultimate shower pleasure. At the turn of a button, you can choose just the right volume and the ideal temperature. And at the push of a button, you can select the sprays that you wish to enjoy to create your individual shower experience.

The Euphoria 260 earns its name every time you step under the shower. Centred in the middle of its shining chrome plated spray face is a special button. This allows you to select between different spray zones, adjusting the width of the spray and the power of the water flow. Zone 1 delivers a focussed jet spray for a revitalising shower, ideal for washing away tension – and shampoo. Zone 2 provides the best of both worlds – a wider spray that offers an energising yet relaxing effect. Zone 3 is the widest spray - for full body coverage and a soft refreshing shower effect.


Three zones of showering pleasure at your fingertips.Transform from one to the next with a turn of the button. Simply by continually turning the button you can enjoy the powerful Jet spray, followed by the wider SmartRain spray for an energising yet relaxing effect and on to the full face Rain spray for a soft summer rain feeling. Continue turning to travel through all three zones again.

The sleek polished showerhead and cylindrical profile make the Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210 the perfect choice for modern, architectural bathrooms. A shower system that is easy to install, the Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210 offers all the advantages of GROHE technology. The showerhead and shower arm can be swivelled to create the perfect angle. The shower rail features an inner water guide and the thermostat’s GROHE TurboStat technology means you can take a luxurious shower that always stays at the preselected temperature.


Sleek and shining, the Tempesta 210 catches the eye with its minimalistic form and beautiful chrome finish. The sparkling chrome surface and the play of water droplets create a fascinating effect for even more shower enjoyment.

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