GROHE Blue® - Replacement of the filter

How to replace the filter

Nothing is refreshing as the pure taste of fresh water flowing from a spring. This is why we now offer you GROHE Blue® - the water spring for your own home. It combines a sophisticated designer faucet with a revolutionary high- performance filter.

Replacement of the filter

1. Remove the lock and disassemble the filter.
2. Mount the new filter and lock it.
3. Keep your finger on the red LED until this lights up and tap 2 times on the red LED.
4. Then tap again 2 times on the red LED, the green LED will blink 2 times for confirmation.
5. The filter is replaced.

Flushing of the filter

1. Put a bucket under the filter.
2. Open the kitchen faucet.
3. Push the button on the filter and flush min 2 liters.
4. Close the kitchen faucet.